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Big box (normal)- 49mini / 24 S size / 20 M size / 16 L size
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Big box (Silver box) - 49mini / 16 L size
Big box (white box with transparent window) - 25 S size
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Payment Method: Maybank2u.Online
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello everyone!!
After so so many thoughts, I've finally decided to go for this order form.
I really really hope that this will really help.
So, to place your order for our cupcakes, please fill in the Order Form provided above.
Orders via sms will still be accepted, but this is the main order form ofcourse.

For each different boxes that you're ordering, please fill in the details in different order form for each box/order.

Thank you!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Type in:

Name.DOC.Time.Item.Size.Qty.Themes/Designs.Color(s).Message(s).Payment Method

and send to


Diana.8/9/08.3pm.choc box.crowns+hearts+butterflies.Blue.Happy Birthday.Maybank2u