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Item(s): Vanilla Cuppiecakes
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Vanilla/Chocolate Cuppiecakes
Chocolate Heaven Cupcakes
Edah's Little Cheesecakes
Size (not required for little cheesecakes): Mini
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Quantity: Small box (normal) - 25mini
Small box (transparent) - 25mini
Big box (normal)- 49mini / 24 S size / 20 M size / 16 L size
Big box (Gold box) - 49mini / 16 L size
Big box (Silver box) - 49mini / 16 L size
Big box (white box with transparent window) - 25 S size
Quantity (for little cheesecakes ONLY):
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Little notes for shalia:
Payment Method: Maybank2u.Online
Maybank.Cash Deposit
Inter-giro (transfer from another bank)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Diana.8/9/08.3pm.choc box.crowns+hearts+butterflies.Blue.Happy Birthday.Maybank2u

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